Resources for Learning Art

In my last post, I discussed why I felt that art university is detrimental to many artists, and I advised against it. Here are some resources for learning art online!

Online Education

There are many, many education courses online for aspiring artists. Below are my favourites!

aaron-blaiseAaron Blaise’s Courses

Aaron Blaise is an ex-Disney animator and director, character designer and wildlife artist who hosts a whole load of art lessons on his website. He also has a lot of free content on his Youtube so you can ‘try before you buy’. He teaches a variety of tutorials and lessons including animation, photoshop, charcoal, painting, wildlife art, anatomy and character design. As Aaron worked heavily on so many Disney movies including Brother Bear, his courses are a huge inspiration to furry artists and definately worth the money!

Each course is priced individually, or you can get access to EVERYTHING for only $199/year which is not only a huge saving but also massive value. I have personally purchased this and all I can say is WOW – if these courses were available before I went to uni, I simply wouldn’t have gone. This man teaches everything I learned there and much, much more.

London Art College


London Art College

The London Art College is a distance learning college which sends you folders of the coursework through the mail. You are expected to produce the art traditionally and return it to them either through scanning it or mailing it.  The average cost per course is £360, payable in installments and they offer a range of courses taught by tutors including Pet portraits, Botanical drawing, Children’s Illustration, Digital Illustration, Comics and cartoons and much more.




DrawaBox is an amazing website which takes you through art fundamentals at their very core – drawing boxes and shapes in order to improve your art skills by going to the very basics – the basics which many of us miss out on. The content is FREE, but there is an option to support them via patreon.



Drawspace is a website which hosts a large variety of art tutorials covering many different topics. Membership is free for some of the lessons, though a monthly subscription does come in when you want to take more lessons. Still, it’s worth looking at the free lessons for a good start.



ArtGraphica has a number of FREE art courses avaliable, all sorted into sections. These include drawing and sketching, different mediums, art theory and more. They also host various public-domain art lesson books!


There are a LOT of books out there for learning to draw! However, I will narrow it down to the books I feel are most useful for furry and fandom artists!

The ‘Draw Furries’ Series:

At first glance, these books look like your typical ‘how to draw’ books (ugh, remember some of those ‘how to draw manga’ books, guys?). However, I was pleasantly suprised upon purchasing the second in the series on a whim (I have not purchased the first as the art really did not appeal to me as much). The art in ‘Draw more furries’ is lovely! The third book in the series, Furries Furever looks even better and has contributions by many popular furry artists including Katie Hofgad.


These books teach human anatomy, types of anthro (chibi, digitigrade etc), structure of body parts and more. They are very good books and specialize in furry art!

Human Anatomy for Artists


A bulky book full of drawn diagrams, this book is an anatomy bible. Even furry artists need a solid knowledge of human anatomy and proportions and this book shows science meeting art as the artist explores each and every part of the human body. This book is definately a teaching and practice book rather than ideas for poses and such, but the knowledge contained within is invaluable to any artist!

And right now it’s only £4.99 on Amazon!
Amazon USA

The Art of Animal Drawing: Construction, Action, Analysis, Caricature


This book is a fantastic study of drawing animals both realistic and characterised. It starts with basic forms and moves on to dynamic poses, though I would suggest you have at least a basic knowledge of drawing animals before purchasing this book.


I received this as a gift and thought maybe it was just a generic ‘how to draw’ book. I was pleasantly surprised though, finding it incredibly useful – the drawings come to life, the illustrator explains how to draw multiple animals (though there is a large focus on horses) and the tips in here are practical. An excellent book!

Find it here on Amazon UK  or Amazon USA!

How to Draw Animals


I’ve had this book ever since University and continue to use it as a reference guide! It starts at a more basic level than the above book ‘The Art of Drawing Animals’ using basic shapes to draw the animals form. It also goes into detail on posture, gaits and movement and is incredibly practical for beginners and professionals alike. Another great book!

Here on Amazon UK and Amazon USA!

This is just a quick glimpse into some of the resources available online for learning art and improving! If you have found something you love and you feel should be here, please let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!