Commission Crunch Time!

Hey guys! I’m going to try and update this blog at least once a week from now on!

I’ve been really busy with all kinds of commissions as Confuzzled 2018 is fast approaching! I have now closed badge commissions and so am getting on with them. I still have a few older commissions to finish and then I should be clear for opening commissions soon! I also want to get about 10 new prints done before the con, as well as con merch and signage, so I am super busy!

I’ve been making progress on one print I’d like to do, my deer character, Rowan. He’s very much my Druid/Pagan side. Here is a mock-up I did today!:


A lot of people have been asking me about reference sheets too. I am currently reworking how I’m doing them and so I’ll post the examples when they’re done and let you guys know!

Here is a WIP reference for my long time character Mason! As you can see I want to try and maximize the art and have little text instead!


And on the subject of commissions, I’m reworking my prices. I’ll probably have new prices after CFZ as I want to see how my work sells. I’ve not had a problem in past years but as CFZ now has bigger and better artists, it’s quite unnerving!

Thanks for reading and I hope to post a better update next week where I’ll have much more work to show!